Users of Windows 10 preview for smartphones are reverting back to their original Windows 8.1 version.

Microsoft atlast released the Windows 10 on trial basis for Lumia models, however are users ready to opt it, yet!

Microsoft is working towards bringing a new version of Windows 10 OS to its smartphones with a feature that users will have same experience as that of working on traditional desktop.  “Since we’re building Windows 10 to be the same core platform for PCs, tablets and phones, it should be no surprise that participating in the program for phones will work pretty much the same way it has been working for PCs,” says Microsoft’s Gabe Aul. Microsoft has set up a new venture “Windows Insider Program” for all the Hi Tech freaks who can join this program and guide Microsoft to launch the new version of Windows 10 to make it more user friendly.

This much awaited Windows 10 for smartphones was released yesterday on a trial basis for certain models of Microsoft Lumia Windows Phones. The preview is available only for the six models of Lumia namely 630, 635, 636, 638, 730 and 830. It has not been rolled out to the the models 520, 930 and 1520 of Lumia which has maximum demand in the mass market.

In general , there seems to be lot of dissatisfaction among the users who have been given access to the Windows 10 preview. Redmond’s farsightedness allows its users to revert back to their old version of 8.1 till a more steady version comes up. Downgrading process is much simpler however user needs to get the smart phone attached to either desktop or laptop via USB cable. Next thing would be to download the windows phone recovery tool app which will further guide  user to revert back to the original windows 8.1 version. A very important instruction to be noted here would be that once the recovery command has been set user should not stop the process abruptly as this downgrading process would take some time, have patience! And also user needs to keep a backup of all their data before starting this process as the conversion from 10 to 8.1 will wipe out all data from the device.

Users interested to join the Windows 10 preview program need to register themselves to the “Windows Insider Program” and once registered get the Windows Insider App downloaded. A word of warning would be that only users who are much acquainted with the technology may get enrolled as the Windows 10 is still under developing process and hence for a lay man it will be really frustrating to use this OS, yet.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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  1. What more can you expect after all it is a tech preview & you were warned when you installed it that it would have bugs in it. Sounds like tech previews are not suitable for you.


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