World costliest iPhone 6 at $3.5 million; Goldgenie’s masterpiece “Diamond Ecstasy”

World’s costliest iPhone 6; Goldgenie inaugurated its most elegant iPhone 6 named “Diamond Ecstasy” costing about $3.5 million

Goldgenie” is a brand known for its gold plating and luxury gifts with a specialization in providing customized high tech products like the iPhones, iPads and also Gaming Consoles. Their made to order designs also includes use of Swarovski Style crystals, pearls, other gemstones and animal skins into the tech gadgets.

What a perfect timing to bring about an exclusive luxury model of Apple iPhone 6 than Valentine’s day in the market! Goldgenie has grabbed the opportunity to launch the worlds most expensive iPhone 6 which is made of 24K gold and studded with diamonds.

Goldgenie will offer this unique model which can be further customised and personalized as per user’s wish with a variety of choices. The gold used could be either yellow gold or rose gold or white gold (i.e.platinum). Based on the type of gold used and the number of diamonds studded, overall cost of the product will change invariable on the upper side.

The exclusive piece launched on 14th February, is one of the world’s costliest iPhone 6.  It is made of 24K Gold and also flecked with diamonds along its side and diamond studded Apple emblem. The cost of this “Diamond Ecstasy” model is expected to be £2.3 million (i.e. $3.5 million) and is suppose to be the most costliest luxury iPhone designed till date . Definitely it would mean that the clientele of Goldgenie would include some of  the world’s renowned celebrities like Usain Bolt, P Diddy to name a few.

Goldgenie has also considered its other customers who would like to gift personalized iPhones to their loved ones or own one for themselves which would be a bit reasonable costing around a minimum of £10,000 (i.e around $15,300). Interestingly U.K. designer, Alexander Amosu was distributing images of iPhone 6 with real gold and which would cost its users about $4000 only, just a day prior to actual launch of  “Diamond Ecstasy”.

So the designers of luxury gifts truly know how to celebrate the “season of love” by making their customers feel special and at the same time ensuring that they maintain their uniqueness in the market, updated with technology as well.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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