Air France website hacked by ‘Algerian Mujahideen’

Algerian Mujahideen hack  an Air France website in remembrance of the killing of 1020 Algerian protesters by French police on 8th May 1945

The website belonging to France’s national carrier Air France was hacked by hacker group called ‘Algerian Mujahideen.’

The group hacked the website of Air France’s national mutual society called Air France’s National Personal Mutual (MNPAF) taking it down briefly on Sunday.

The homepage of the website was momentarily replaced by a red and black screen promising to avenge the “blood” of the “Mujahideen of Algeria”.

The hacking was done to commemorate the killing of 1020 Algerian peaceful protesters against the French rule on 8th, May 1945.

“We represent our Martyrs and our Mujahideen. We will not forget your crimes of the 8 May 1945. We will not stop hacking French web servers,” the page read.

On 8 May 1945, French police fired on local demonstrators at protests, in what are now known as the Setif and Guelma massacres. While the French authorities claimed 1,020 Algerians were killed, different foreign observers stated that up to 45,000 locals may have perished.

Air France spokeswoman confirmed that Air France’s National Personal Mutual was taken down on Sunday however she said “The site was the victim of defacing [any unauthorised changes made to the appearance of either a single webpage, or an entire site] on its home page,” confirmed the spokeswoman, who explained that this attack had only targeted the site’s home page.

“We realised this in the afternoon (Sunday) and asked the French Network and Information Security Agency to take the website down, which has since been restored.”

Air France said it has asked MNPAF web host, which it says is an external service provider to the company to investigate in the matter.

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