Anonymous down a pro-ISIS Social Network even before it could begin its journey

#OpISIS Hacktivist collective Anonymous down 5elafabook pronounced Khelafabook just when it went live, Facebook bans its FB offshoot

A pro-ISIS website and Facebook page met an untimely death at the hands of Anonymous and Facebook admin.

5elafabook which is pronounced Khelafabook and meaning “Caliphate book” went live with a message that it was a independent website/FB page and did not have links to the Islamic State.

However, Facebook, which has been pretty strict with pro-IS fan pages, found that  khelafabook shared the same ideology as IS, so banned its Facebook account. Khelafabook was espousing the martyrdom tenets of IS as well wanted a worldwide implementation of Sharia.

The page however continued to operate till the Anonymous pounced on it.

The khalefabook FB page and website were brought to the notice of Anonymous, who have already sounded a call against the ISIS and its affiliates after the gruesome shooting of innocents at Charlie Hebdo office in Paris. The Anonymous operation called #OpISIS is a continuing operation, and Anonymous have successfully brought down several pro-ISIS websites and got several of their Twitter/Facebook pages banned.

Anonymous launched a full scale DDoS attack against the khalefabook and it had to go offline within hours after it was launched. Announcing the successful completion of bringing it down, Anonymous tweeted :

Khalefabook recovered somewhat from the attack but is now posting a static page saying that they are temporarily shutting down. Tango down for Mission #OpISIS

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