The top 5 Internet browsers for secure and comfortable browsing

2015 is onto us and we are susceptible to more and more cyber attacks as days pass by. One of the important aspects of Internet surfing is browsers. You want your browser to be fast, secure and have some extra features like plugins or extensions to make your browsing experience that much more fun.

The Browsers are the heart of internet and in recent years more and more browsers have entered the market. Even Microsoft is ditching its favourite Internet Explorer for a next gen browser called ‘Spartan.’

Here we’ve gathered together five of the best browsers currently available for Windows, and ranked them on the basis of security, speed, user interface and add-ons to make your browsing comfortable.

Apple Safari for Windows

Apple’s Safari browser is known for its intuitive usability and sleek looks. We have ranked at the top because it is the most secure browser as of today. Even yesterday’s Pwn2Own results seem to confirm the same. The only disadvantage that Safari has is that it but it lacks the customization features that so many users seek in a browser these days.

Safari Download

Google Chrome

Google continues its mission to make Chrome a secure as well as most customisable browser. With a wealth of Apps and extensions at its disposal, it remains one of the best browsers in business. Security wise it may be two steps below Apple Safari but it provides both speed and a very good user interface. Chrome has also added a new user tab at the top left of the browser which makes the bookmarks, history and tabs available across computers and across platforms.

Chrome Download

Mozilla Firefox v35

The Firefox is a bit of both, Safari and Chrome. It is secure and has hundreds of extensions but it is a tad sluggish in performance. A must have for developers and students, the home and office users shun it because of its sluggish nature. However the Firefox v35 promises a better performance.

Firefox Download

Internet Explorer 11

Once the mighty king of browsers, the Internet Explorer has sadly been reduced to being a browser provided by Microsoft. Though Internet Explorer 11 seems to the most stable of the lot with very less bugs, clean design, robust performance, and ever improving security features IE’s popularity is ever so slowly decreasing.

Internet Explorer Download

Opera v27

With the Opera shifting to Chromium engine, the browser now feels more and more like Chrome. It is fast even on 2G connections thanks to its Turbo mode and moreover it is loved by Google haters.

Opera v27 Download

In addition to these five browsers we also liked Dooble browser. Dooble has been created with safety first objective. Dooble is open source project and can be downloaded here.