Chinese Android smartphone maker LETV equates Apple to Hitler

Comparing Apple to Hitler for its closed and restrictive system, LeTV boss makes a pitch for his Android phones

Google’s Android operating system for smartphones and tablets started out as a viable alternative to the expensive, restrictive and closed iOS operating system from Apple. Over the years, Android has gained immense popularity and users with around 2 billion + smartphones and tablets running on it.

However a Chinese businessman and owner of Android smartphone manufacturing unit, LeTV did something very unnatural. He put up a ad campaign equating Apple to Hitler.

The ad which is meant to take a dig at restrictive and closeted Apple’s iOS operating system.

LeTV’s CEO, Jia Yueting posted an image that showed Hitler raising his hand on one end and a few kids on the other end. Apple’s logo is on Hitler’s dress, which symbolizes the comparison in a clear way.

Not that LeTV is popular, in fact it is yet to release any smartphone under its brand name. The ad campaign seems to an effort to rouse up sentiments and be in spotlight for a few days.

We surmise that this is not a very good campaign. Taking on world’s most innovative company when you dont have any product to offer is just not done.

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