Ford S-Max, the new car from Ford will slow down automatically by reading the sign boards

Ford S-Max: New car launched by Ford for European market has Intelligent Speed Limiter technology.

Car accidents have been increased in the recent times and in spite of heavy fines levied and cameras placed at every nook and corner of the roads still motorists seem to be ignorant. Hence to control such motorists from rash driving Ford has come up with a unique feature in their new car Ford S-Max which will be launched in the European markets somewhere in August this year.

Ford Motors is the first one to introduce this new feature “Intelligent Speed Limiter Technology” in the car. Ford’s European division has confirmed this model will be available worldwide.

How would the technology work: Basically a camera would be placed on the windshield which would read the different speed limit sign boards put up on the sides of the road. Once the car crosses the speed limit which is mentioned on the sign board, the”Intelligent Speed Limiter Technology” will automatically adjust the amount of fuel provided to the engine which leads to lowering the speed of the car hence the speed would fall within the limits mentioned in the sign board.

This is definitely a smart an intelligent system which does not use the traditional brake system for controlling the speed. Further, the system is also designed in such a way that if motorist actually needs to increase the speed then the Speed Limiter tech can be deactivated by pressing a button on the console or also by pressing the gas pedal harder which will temporarily ignore the speed limit technology.

Intelligent Speed Limiter hence would prove to be a helpful tool to stop motorists from getting a speeding ticket. In case the vehicle is moving downhill which would lead to an increased velocity by default then the system will sense this increased speed and immediately set an alarm to the motorist to apply brakes and control accident.

With the autonomous cars being bombarded in the markets with its latest pedestrian detection and the collision warnings, this technology of “Intelligent Speed Limit” by Ford does seem to be a car truly designed for customers of self driven vehicles who are safety conscious and for those who like to increase the speed limits and accidentally land up getting the speeding tickets.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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