Google’s Nexus Player will hit UK from March 26th 2015 for a price of £80 ($120)

The much awaited Google’s Nexus Player will now be available in UK, Amazon has listed this device for pre order and from March 26th 2015, it will be shipped across UK.

The Google’s Nexus Player is at present available in US, Japan and Canada and now it will be available in UK through Amazon for a price of £79.99 ($120).  The device will have all the features similar to that which is available in all these countries. Some of the major features of Google’s Nexus Player:

  • Google Cast: With the help of the Nexus Player users can launch their favorite entertainment app from Android, iOS, Windows Laptop, Mac or Chromebook directly to their Television set.
  • Synchronization contents across the Android devices: User can use this sync feature in many ways. For e.g. start watching movie on TV and then can continue the later part on the Tablet lying on bed.
  • Nifty Voice search feature: Press the mic button on the remote and just say ‘Gravity’ and user will soon be diverted to the media library.
  • When paired with the game pad accessory the Google’s Nexus Player acts like Android mini-console.

The other details of the Google’s Nexus Player are as follows:

The round hardware includes 1GB RAM and 8 GB storage space. As far as connectivity is concerned it comprises of a USB connector, HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth Connectivity is used to connect optional game controller and as the remote control. That optional game controller sells for £34.99 ($52). Also there is a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor and an additional Imagination PowerVR Series 6 Graphics 2D/3D Engine, which makes it more powerful than most.

The Google’s Nexus Player will be put up for sale through Amazon and surprisingly not through Google. The price of optional game pad accessory has not yet been announced.

The main drawback of the Google Nexus is its storage which is 8GB hence user can store only limited games on this device, however, user also has the advantage of online streaming through Google so that need not bother user much. The other drawback could be because the device does not have Ethernet, it works on Wi Fi however it seems the online streaming is better on wired connections which is typically faster and more reliable than wireless.

So for all the UK users can get Google’s Nexus Player in their living rooms as well now.