GTA Online Heists Add-on available ahead of schedule, users report massive 5GB update

GTA Online Heists update was due tomorrow, but users are already claiming they’ve received the 5GB update of Grand Theft Auto’s Online Heists

Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update which was supposed to released for gamers tomorrow i.e. on March 10th, has somehow come to some users or so they claim.

Many users today claimed that they had already received the Heists add-on. And added to that, the update is a massive 4.8GB download when it is officially released.

A user with a Twitter handle of VNX3 even posted a image of the update window yesterday.

Rockstar Games, the publisher of GTA had earlier said that the free update would be of 4.2GB in size and would include five GTA online heist missions to play with friends and a mind blowing arsenal of new weapons and cars. However if we go by what the gamers who have already received the updates are saying, the updated size has been bumped up considerably.

Also the leaks reveal that one of the new additions will be the black and red van from the A-Team. The leaks also reveal that gamers will have a whole new choice of wardrobe for the new heists including masks and fugitive phernaphelia.

Xbox 360 however may not require so much space as the Heists update for the last generation machine reported to be only 1.2GB in size.

Rockstar has officially not commented on the purported leaks of updates before schedule and is moving ahead with a staggered released to cope up with GTA fanboys rush, from 12.01 tomorrow morning.

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