HTC introduces “UH OH” program to replace damaged HTC One M9 for free within a year of purchase

HTC’s UH OH Protection for its new release HTC One M9 is a sort of insurance cover and purchaser will get a new one absolutely free in return for damaged phone.

It is just a couple of weeks back that HTC unveiled its flagship smartphone at the MWC 2015 conference which will be available for sale from March 31st. HTC has now announced a new program “UH OH Protection” through this HTC will replace its flagship HTC One M9 phone in case it is accidentally damaged by the user; however the program will be valid only for a time span of 365 days i.e. 1 year from the date of purchase.

Well, this does not mean that user can purposely damage their phones and keep getting a new one every now and then!! User needs to follow some procedure in case their HTC One M9 gets damaged and needs a replacement : User needs to dial the toll free number of HTC and provide the details of their HTC One M9 handset which will then be verified by the agent at HTC. No sooner than the verification is completed that HTC will send out a new handset to the user along with an envelope and user will have to send back their damaged handset in an envelop within 20 days of receiving the new replaced one.

HTC “UH OH” Protection also includes some additional features: Suppose user is successful in maintaining the handset in good condition then user gets a reward of $100 which user can use to buy HTC’s next flagship smartphone.

And in case user accidentally breaks or damages the handset they will surely get a new handset. All in all seems that HTC is really concerned for its users and hence is providing them a sort of insurance for their handsets. Also this seems to be a marketing gimmicks for the sale of HTC One M9.

For all the users who are not that careful about managing their handsets, HTC’s “UH OH Protection” seems to be the right answer. For more queries related to the “UH OH Program” users can tune into to the live stream at 9 am PT (12 pm ET) wherein Jason MacKenzie, President of HTC’s Americas business will host a show for all the questionnaire regarding this program.

Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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