Microsoft plans to launch $149 Windows 10 Laptops to kill Google’s Chromebooks

Microsoft will be launching its low cost Notebooks at the cost of $149 with Windows 10 OS and with the aim of killing $199 Google’s Chromebooks.

As per the report by DigiTimes, which is an Asian Publication, Microsoft is working towards releasing 2 low cost budget Notebooks / Laptops which will be powered with the latest Windows 10 OS and these laptops will compete the low cost Google’s Chromebooks which are available at the rate of $150 / €138. Google itself is planning to lower the cost of these Chromebooks in the coming months hence Microsoft is planning to release its low cost Laptops in the range of $149 to $179 or  €138 to €165 around mid 2015.

There are 2 types of the Microsoft’s Notebooks one for educational purpose and the other is for consumer market. Both the new budget Microsoft’s Laptops will be powered by the Intel’s Bay Trail-T CR (BTCR) which is a low power processor and it will have a 11.6 inch display. The only difference here is that the model for educational market will be manufactured by Elitegroup Computer Systems’ (ECS) and it will be sold for around $179 /€165 through the education channel that Intel and ECS built for their Classmate PC products. The other one is for the consumer market and it will be developed by the China based 3 Nod and it will be marketed for around $149 / €138.

On the other hand, Google’s Chromebooks at present have a 11.6 inch display and as per the reports Google has plans to bring 13.3 inch and 15.6 inch display versions in the market. Though Google Chromebooks have succeeded only in the U.S., Microsoft is still competing with the Chromebooks. Earlier Microsoft had released its BingBooks with Windows 8.1 OS against the Chromebooks and had seen a good response from many vendors so now mid of 2015 think we can expect to see a deluge of new laptops from Microsoft with its latest and much awaited Windows 10 OS.

Along with Microsoft its ASUS who is also in the competition with Google’s Chromebooks. There were rumors that ASUS would release its low cost affordable Chromebook earlier this month however it has not yet launched the product. The ASUS Chromebook was rumored to be powered by Rockchip RK3288 and expected to be priced at  $179 / €167.

Hence for users who need a laptop just for the web browsing and handling the social media then think notebooks and the Chromebooks at an affordable cost would be really beneficial, so users can now plan to purchase a Microsoft Notebook at as low as $149…just need to wait for another 3-4 months that’s it.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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  1. What??? Is this a mistake, or why should the educational product be more expensive then the default one? 😀
    Sounds strange.


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