Microsoft will finally kill off the “Internet Explorer” in its Windows 10

“Microsoft Spartan” is expected to be the new name for Microsoft’s explorer indicating Internet Explorer will be killed forever

Microsoft Convergence 2015 is being held at Atlanta, GA from March 16-19 2015. In  yesterday’s conference Microsoft’s marketing chief Chris Capossela revealed that Microsoft will be dropping its Internet Explorer brand with the launch of its Windows 10. He also informed that Microsoft’s Project Spartan is currently working on a new brand name for its upcoming explorer.

As per Capossela they will continue to have Internet Explorer along with a new browser internally coded as Spartan based on its research Project Spartan; Microsoft is still working to get a name for this new browser.  Hence whether the new name will be “Microsoft Spartan” or “Spartan” is not yet confirmed however the Internet Explorer will be totally killed, this is confirmed by The Verge report. (Please note we have used “Microsoft Spartan” name just as a reference to the new explorer).

Some users feel that mere “Spartan” should be the new name for the browser however Microsoft feels that by adding “Microsoft” in the prefix its appeal increases amongst users. This was also confirmed by a survey which was done by Microsoft. Capossela also said : “Just by putting the Microsoft name in front of it, the delta for Chrome users on appeal is incredibly high.”

Once the Project Spartan is named it will be the primary browser for users who are using Windows 10 for all the devices which uses Windows 10 like PC, tablets and smartphones. Having said that Microsoft also indicated that Internet Explorer will still be there in Windows 10 for resolving the enterprise compatibility which means there could be some compatibility issues with internally developed apps which could in turn raise a number of issues for some companies hence to resolve these issues the Internet explorer will be there on the Enterprise Editions.

“Microsoft Spartan” is expected to go live with its Windows 10 for all the users and it is suppose to have new apps and new features. Microsoft has been undoubtedly trying to improve its Internet Explorer’s performance however there seems to be some negativity associated with this and finally Microsoft has decided to get away with its Internet Explorer and based on the research it definitely seems the new name will be have “Microsoft” added to it. Capossela also gave some ideas in which Microsoft will be using social media like Twitter to make more money. Seems Microsoft is all set to give a tough competition to its competitors like the Chrome and Firefox with its new version of explorer.

For all the lovers of Microsoft, the next Technical Preview build would mostly see the test version of “Microsoft Spartan” and  Windows 10 is expected to be launched by end of 2015.

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