Mozilla launches 64-bit Firefox Developer Edition for Windows

After Mac OS X and Linux PCs, Mozilla’s 64-bit Firefox Developer Edition 38 to support Windows

Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox Developer Edition 38, which includes a 64-bit version of its browser for Windows for the first time. Mac OS X and Linux are already supported  by the Firefox Developer Edition 38.

The 64-bit version of Firefox brings substantial improvements over the 32-bit version, including the ability to run bigger Apps, resource hungry games, 1080p videos at a flick of the button. The 64 bit version also gives users increased security.

Users can now run the resource hungry web apps and games, access new hardware registers and instructions for running JavaScript faster. The new edition also gives a more effective address space layout randomization (ASLR) which will make it that bit harder for cyber criminals to exploit the browser through malicious web content, specifically the MiTm attacks.

For Windows 64-bit users, the developer-friendly edition brings a number of useful features for building Web projects, including tools to develop apps across browsers, a JavaScript debugger, and editors for Web Audio and CSS.

You can download the Firefox Developer Edition 38 from Mozilla website here.

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