Thirty years of Dot Com, Wishing Dot Com a Happy Birthday on 15th March

It’s been 30 years after the first “.com” since it was first registered in 1985 by in United States

Happy Birthday “.com.” The international internet revolution began exactly 30 years ago on 15th March, 1985 and today we have millions of dot coms. Our world wouldn’t be the same without these dot coms, actually we cant imagine a world without them.

It was 30 years ago on March 15, 1985, that the first dot com domain was registered changing the way we live operate and see things and off course, Internet.

The world’s first domain name was registered by Symbolics, Inc. as The url is a record in itself for completing 30 years with the itself.

Today we are using TLDs, country domains and g-TLDs while surfing the net on our Apple, Android or any other device. We are surfing using 4G and LTE and talking about 5G in years to come. In 1985 these things were not even thought about and Internet itself was a luxury. Macintosh and Microsoft PCs were yet to became a household name. Computers and Internet was used mainly by people related to either military or science and common man on the streets did not even know the term Internet.

The Internet has grown exponentially over these last 30 years and is further going to grow with millions of domains being added. There are many countries in the world which are still left out of the race and they will be joining the Internet very soon. As of today, in thirty years, three billion people use Internet and around $1.3 trillion is generated due to Internet.

“In the last 30 years, the Internet has evolved from an unknown phenomenon used primarily by academics and researchers to a global communication, commerce and information sharing channel that few could imagine life without,” said Verisign, a leading seller of domain names. “In fact, nearly three billion people around the world are online today, and more than $300 billion in U.S. e-commerce sales and over $1.3 trillion in global e-commerce sales rely on the Internet.”

The first company to register its domain name may be dead and buried but its url lives on. The World Wide Web, which we use to access the information on the Internet, didn’t even exist yet because it was launched in 1991.

Two years after the, the total number of domains in 1987, reached a paltry 100 and today we are adding 80,000 dot.coms a day with a url being added every second.

As of December 2013 there are 22 domain extensions in addition to the, including .net, .org and .edu with new ones like .food, .video, . goo, .rocks and .sucks being added this year. But the most popular one remains the

According to Verisign, if all 2.5 billion Internet users in the world registered a .com every second for 30 million years, that would only add up to one billionth of one billionth of one percent of all available domain names.

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