Anyone Can Buy the Malware Used to Hack Sony

Malware used to hack Sony Pictures Corporate Network available on Dark Web underground forum for $30,000 in Bitcoin

The Sony Hack attack by #GOP Guardians of Peace, which took place last year, ranks amongst one of the worst cyber attacks in history ever.  The GOP hackers and their backers took down the entire Sony Pictures corporate network with a help of malware.

Now ex-hacker Jon Miller has said that any person with a knowledge of Tor anonymiser network and Dark Web underground markets can buy that particular exploit for $30,000 in Bitcoin.

Jon Miller made this sensational statement while appearing on 60 Minutes this Sunday. Jon also said that the exploit was not a custom made software but is easily available one. In fact, he stated that he could easily buy similar exploit from Russian hackers on dark web markets as and when he required and there were plenty of such sellers who have the technical know-how to carry out the attack themselves.

“There are probably three, four, five thousand people that could do that attack today,” Miller said, emphasizing that it didn’t take much to rip apart a huge corporation.

When you look at it in contrast to the capabilities that the United States government are deploying, it is nowhere close to being sophisticated.

My favorite analogy is the malware that was used to hack Sony is like a moped, and the malware being deployed by United States intelligence agencies is like an F-22 fighter jet. It’s much more sophisticated, it’s much harder to detect.

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