Dropbox testing ‘Project Composer’, a collaborative note-taking app

Project Composer, Dropbox’s collaborative note-taking App to take on Google Docs and Evernote spotted

Cloud storage service Dropbox is beta testing a new collaborative note-taking app called “Project Composer.” Project Composer will allow Dropbox users to combine calendar information and Dropbox files when creating notes.

Project Composer was first spotted on Product Hunt which is an online bulletin board for tech products. Users familiar with it said that it is a online notepad pretty much similar to Google Docs and lets users create and edit documents.  Like Google Docs, Project Composer also allows group editing but the only difference is that it allows users calendar information and Dropbox files while making notes.

For unknown reasons, Dropbox has now disabled access to Project Composer.

Maggie Bigness, a Product Hunt user said that Composer has beautiful typography and a clean interface. “It allows multiple people to work on a note. You can add tasks, images, dropbox files, tables all in line with your notes. It also prompts you to create a note for a meeting based on what’s on your calendar,” she said.

The technology for Project Composer may have been sourced from Hackpad which was acquired by Drop Box last year. Another proof that the Project Composers has the Hackpad stamp on it is that all early users or testers who got access to Project Composer are former Hackpad users.

By releasing Project Composer, Dropbox has sought to directly compete with Google Docs, Evernote and Notes from file storage app, Box.

Last year, Dropbox had announced Project Harmony which allows users to work real-time on Microsoft Office documents saved on Dropbox. Project Harmony was possible because of Dropbox’s acquisition of CloudOn, a startup which helps to make Microsoft Office documents accessible on mobile devices.

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