Facebook Ad of an iPhone leads to robbery

Police: Facebook ad leads to robbery

Name anything going wrong in this world and Facebook surely figures in it. From snooping on non FB users, ‘Facebook thugging‘ to bullying of small kids, Facebook seems to in the thick of it. Now you can add robbery to the growing list of Facebook wrongs.

The police officials from Lincoln responded to a robbery call late Saturday night after a man said he attempted to buy an iPhone offered through a Facebook ad. What happened next is out of a con movie.

The 20 year old man responded to the ad and went to meet the seller at  a Taco John’s about 11 p.m. Saturday.

The seller wanted $300 for the phone which the buyer agreed. The seller then handed the victim an iPhone box which contained a can of body spray instead of the ad listed iPhone.

The seller then attempted to assaulted the victim with a handgun and demanded $300 which he was sure the victim had because he had come to buy the phone. The victim, afraid for his life gladly parted with the sum and the seller decamped with the money.

The police stated that the buyer/victim was not hurt and the seller/suspect is still at large.

So now you can add robbery to the crimes associated with FB!

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