Man fined for firing 8 bullets at his unresponsive Dell XPS 410 PC which kept showing BSOD screen

A United States man fire eight bullets at his Dell PC because it does not work

Lucas Hinch, a 37-year-old Colorado Springs resident on Monday at around 7 pm pulled out his 9mm handgun and fired eight bullets on his Dell XPS 410. He committed the cold blooded firing in the passageway behind the building where he resides and runs a homeopathic herb store.

According to Hinch, the Dell was causing problems in the recent months and gave him a blue screen of death which turned out to be the final time on that unfortunate evening. However, it is still not clear as to which version of Windows was the computer running before it met its tragic end.

According to the local police blotter, Colorado Springs police reacted to the sound of the gunshots and charged Hinch for using his gun within city limits, which is a criminal offense. Police spokeswoman Catherine Buckley told the Los Angeles Times that when the police arrived on the scene, Hinch told the officers that he had just bought a new gun, and was not aware that he was breaking the law by using his weapon.

Hinch, however, told the Times that he has no regrets.

“It was glorious,” he said. “Angels sung on high.

“It was premeditated, oh, definitely,” he added. “I made sure there wasn’t anything behind it and nothing to ricochet.”

Hinch told The Smoking Gun that he bought his 9mm, a Hi-Point pistol off Craigslist. The officers seized Hinch’s gun, however, left the incapacitated Dell. Hinch’s court hearing is scheduled for a May 11 court where he could be fined. The Police told the Los Angeles Times that jail term is unlikely.

The Colorado Springs Gazette stated that the machine is not expected to repair.

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