Supermodel turned actress, Charlotte McKinney’s intimate images leaked by hackers

Hackers leak nude images of supermodel and actress Charlotte McKinney

Naked and explicit images of Charlotte Mckinney are doing rounds on social networks and Imgur photo sharing website. These intimate images which are taken by Charlotte and include some selfies have been allegedly leaked by hackers.

Charlotte who looks a lot like Kate Upton, become “insta-famous” supermodel by opting on Instagram as her portfolio managers and was profiled in Esquire. Her commercial for All Natural Burger where she featured walking around a farmers’ market was a instant success and many in the advertising field labeled her “the next Kate Upton.”  The ad is given below :

Charlotte will also featured in the season 20 of Dancing with the Stars, a popular dance competition reality show in United States.

It is not independently verified that hackers leaked her intimate images because the images sprung up ‘magically ‘on the Internet. Skeptics point out that the leaks have a lot to do with Charlotte’s forthcoming release,  Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.

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