The Galaxy S6 Edge bends just as much as the iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 edge bends as easily as Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung new flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 has been under every bit of scrutiny which smartphones are subjected now a days. Even the bend test which has become a norm since Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus was found to easily bend under pressure.

The SquareTrade has posted and YouTube video about the bend test it carried out on Samsung Galaxy S6. The test reveals that Galaxy S6 edge bends as easily as iPhone 6 Plus. The testing revealed that both smartphones cave at 110 lbs of pressure. HTC One M9 was also subjected to a similar test and found to be able to withstand 120 lbs of pressure but after that it was reduced to junk as the power button is in the center and no longer works.

The test revealed that iPhone 6 Plus was sturdiest of the three with capacity to withstand 179 lbs of pressure till it went kaput, whereas Galaxy S6 edge managed to last up to only 149 lbs of pressure. SquareTrade pointed out that Samsung S6’s glass may shatter into lots of pieces under such pressure rendering it useless and even injurious to the user.

It is to be noted that such pressure isnt usually applied on smartphones in the daily usage unless the user wears really skinny tights and bends at an awkward position but the possibility still remains. Kindly watch the SquareTrade video about the #Bendgate :

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