Thieves try to hijack a truck full of Samsung Galaxy S6’s only to find it contained chips and integrated circuits

Was it the April 1 effect?. A gang of thieves raided a Samsung truck carrying “electronic goods” worth $4 million on April 1 thinking that it contained Samsung’s latest flagship product Samsung Galaxy s6 and S6 Edge.

A gang of robbers hijacked a truck that they believed to be full of Samsung Galaxy S6 devices.  The robbers disabled the GPS unit in the truck to get away without being tracked. It could have been a masterplan for the thieves to get rich quickly but for one thing it did not contain the Samsung’s latest flagship.

The truck was carrying motherboards and integrated circuits for smartphones which the thieves could have used to build their own Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge but that seems far fetched.

The gang allegedly drove off with the truck in southeast Delhi’s Kalindi Kunj area just after midnight last night as it was going from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Noida in Uttar Pradesh. A police officer told PTI, that the truck was stopped on a deserted stretch near Kalindi Kunj by some people in a car who then beat up the driver and helper and fled with the truck.

While four people have apparently been detained for the heist, however the masterminds behind the hijack have still not been captured and the Delhi Police are on a look out for them.

If it had indeed been the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the robbers would have been close to pulling off the biggest smartphone heist of all times, one that could have delayed Samsung’s launch in one of its largest markets. With pre-booking for the phone open for over a week, the impact would have been quite big.

Thanking the police for the timely action, Samsung spokesperson said the company “deeply appreciates the efforts of the police and government in this matter”.

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