Free Games released in April 2015 for users of Android and iOS devices

With the onset of April the Google Play Store and Apple App Store have included new apps and games to their library so that their users can now enjoy few new games in their devices for absolutely free of cost. So for all the users of these smartphone devices, now get rid of your old games and download the new games released this month. The best games that have been released either or for both the devices have been mentioned in this article:

  •  Marvel Mighty Heroes: This game is a free download for both the Android as well as iOS devices. This game is a Real time four players Co-op action that means user would need three other players to play this game online. Basically the game is suppose to be played by group comprising of four Marvel Super Heroes who are defending the world from the evil’s wrath and complete destruction. The team could be of four heroes or four villains because it is sometimes bad to be good. For a free download Android users can download from here and iPhone/iPad users can download from here.
  • The Quest keeper: This game is available on Google Play store for Android devices. The game involves a common peasant who is on his journey to become a dungeon master. The game involves a combination of multiple elements and the peasant is always on runner mode and it is basically an adventure game. The game includes 10 unique quests to be completed by the peasant. On April 9th the game had an update which fixed the bugs that was causing the game to pause. The game has been specifically designed for users using Samsung Galaxy S2 and newer versions of Android however for users using the older Android versions they need to go in the in-game settings to correct the poor framerate issue. Android users can get a free download of this game at
  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout : This game is available on Google Play store for Android devices. Also the player needs internet connection to continue playing the game. It is a shooter game and can played with friends using the multiplayer mode or can even be played in the solo mode. Sharp control and impressive graphics are some of the major features of this game. Users can create a squad and get into multi player mode by adding friends and then a “squad to squad match” can start testing your individual and dynamic team skills. With four customizable classes user can even activate class specific skills by earning points and also play the style that they wish from any opf the four types: Assault, Heavy, Recon, or Sniper. Android users can get a free download of this game at :
  • CivCrafter:  This game is available on Google Play store for Android devices and it is a new addition to the “clicker” game genre. Users can build their own empire or civilization just by tapping the screen. This seems to be the most addictive smartphone games. CivCrafter allows user to join the 50 million gamers worldwide and build your own army and rule the world. The game had an update on April 5th and now the gamers have the ability to change the ruler and civic names,it now allows the gamers to keep the Cats, Wonder boosts are now displayed, now there will confirmation dialogue while leaving the clan, privacy setting added which will now prevent users from adding to your clan without an invite.  Android users can get a free download of this game at :
  • Mr Jump: This again is a free download for the iOS devices. You are a fan of the Flappy bird game and own iOS device then Mr Jump is the game that you should download now from the iTunes. Mr Jump was released on March 19th and within a matter of four days the game bagged 5 million downloads to its credit. Now, this game had some bug at its fifth level on the non Retina iPads which was fixed on April 4th. The game is quite simple and gamers just need to jump the character and avoid it from bumping into obstacles that basically tests the reflex competency of the user. The game is available only to the iOS users and not to the Android users, yet. For free download of the game iOS users  just visit:
  • Mortal Kombat X:  Warner Bros. and NetherRealm have officially released the Mortal Kombat X game for a free download to the iOS devices on Wednesday; however the actual game will be launched on Tuesday for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Mortal Kombat X has some 24 characters including the Predator; the alien opponent of the film Predator released in 1987. Developed at the NetherRealm studios the game has “striking graphics” according to the developers. Greg Ballard, Warner Bros. mobile executive explained the various features of this game during its announcement. Since it is a free to play game, players have the option that they can either unlock these items and Fatalities either through gameplay or by spending real world money to purchase these features. Soon this game will be available for the Android users as well. The smartphone version of Mortal Kombat X can connect into the console/PC edition. Warner Bros. said. “Every connected Mortal Kombat X player can participate regardless of platform device.” It seems that the game would include daily events and online multi player support. For free download of the game just visit:
  • Hellrider: This is again a free down to the iOS devices. This game has amazing graphics and design which includes a sort of battle between the skeletons who are trying to escape the underground world and the brave Hellrider who rides a bike bangs all those skeletons to teach them a lesson. It has simple User interface and one gets additive to the game as they progress to the next level. As of April 7th the game has added three new characters have been added to the game which includes Ducky Duck, Red Fortune, Johnny Freedome. Along with the addition of the characters the bug (pop up ads) have also been fixed. iOS users can use the below link for free download of the game:

Think, these games will definitely keep the users busy and engaged till the new free games are released.