You can now donate on Facebook to help Nepal earthquake survivors

If you donate for the Nepal Earthquake survivors on Facebook now, FB will match your donation with an equal amount

You may all be knowing about the dreaded earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday. The killer earthquake has taken around 3000 lives and completely devastated entire country of Nepal. Even as this article is being published more and more families need your help.

To help thousands of Nepalese rebuild their life from scratch, you can now use Facebook to make a valuable contribution to the cause. The social network announced that it is rolling out a banner message on news feeds that will allow you to make a donation to International Medical Corps to support its response teams on the ground.

For every dollar that you donate, Facebook would match your contribution to the cause (up to $2 million). Now you will see a banner for Nepal Earthquake and clicking on that banner will take you to payments page where you can donate your choice amount voluntarily.

Both Google and Facebook are already doing their bit for the Nepalese earthquake victims. FB had launched a safety check-in feature on Saturday, which allows people in the affected areas to mark themselves safe on their profiles, letting friends and relatives know.

You can also donate towards rehabilitation of earthquake affected victims here.

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  1. Facebook Shall never have my Credit Card Number, Just like they keep asking for a telephone number they get a fake one!


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