Apple Watch Vs the Blender! Can Apple Watch survive the rigours of a blender?

Tom Dickson checks out what happens when the Apple Watch is blended and ultimately ends up sacrificing the same!!

The Apple Smart watch was finally delivered to their customers on April 24th 2015. Soon the blender maker “Blendtec” and “Will it blend?” guy Tom Dickson started their new experiment to test if the “smart watch” can survive the blender or no!

Tom Dickson, the spokes person of Blendtec, wore a lab coat and actually put the Apple Watch in the blender, then he pressed the “force touch button” to start the blender. For the first few seconds the watch seems to hold itself pretty well however later the watch could not hold to the torturous whips of the Blendtec blades and gets shredded to pieces. All the components of the watch was destroyed and ultimately what left behind was just a pile of gray ash and dust. Now, it has not been specified as to how long the blender worked to give this result.

Blendtec, is known to check the “Will it blend?” test on most of the hi tech items previously as well which includes the iPad, iPhones,Galaxy S III, Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7 and all have given the same result!!

Dickson asks : “So what’s up next?” Amused he says: “I hear Apple is building their own car. I can deal with that.”

Well, on the other hand, CNET’s Sharon Profis too checked the Apple Watch in her own torture regime. She did the Dish Wash Test and also put the watch in a container full of water for about 10 minutes to check the water resistance capacity and it did survive these tests.

Next she used the shredder, knives and all the sharp items and there was not a single scratch on the watch. It is totally scratch resistant. Profis now put the watch on a small tray to test its Smoother test and put wine, sauce, mustard, peanut butter and most such things which are normally found in kitchen and the watch passed this test as well.

Then came the boiling water test wherein Profis put the watch into a pan of boiling water and though the watch took some time to resume to normal and it also gave warning of high temperature; it survived this test too, amazing isn’t it? Further, the watch was able to survive the Drop test where she dropped it from the kitchen platform and tortured it like hell still it managed to survive and function normally.

Finally, the watch was destroyed when it was hit with a cast iron pan weighing almost 7 pounds!!

So friends, it can be clearly seen that the pricey and smart Apple watch easily survives most of the day to day activities that one comes across be it the dish washing or boiling water or some scratches and even the careless drops. What we found out that unless and until someone purposely puts it in a blender which is a very rare occurrence and some one hits it with a huge pan it can survive and function absolutely fine.

So for all the readers who have purchased the watch or plan to purchase be careful not to wear it while you blend something!!!!

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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