LG unveils super-slim 55 inch OLED TV that sticks on wall using MAGNETS

LG’s Worlds slimmest 55 inch OLED TV is just 0.97mm (0.04 inches) thick and sticks to the wall with magnet mats

Its raining slimmest electronic goods and not to be left behind in the race, LG has come out with worlds slimmest 55 inch OLED TV.

LG Display has unveiled a new, ultra-thin television screen that is less than one millimeter thick. The launch took place at LG’s home country, South Korea.

To understand how slim the unveiled TV is, the LG’s current thinnest TV screen is a 55-inch OLED panel that is 4.3 mm thick. So you can stack 4 ultra thin TVs against each other to get the thickness of the current OLED TV from LG.

The LG’s new ultra slim OLED TV may not be available in stores soon because the design presented in Seoul is a proof of concept showcasing LG’s technical expertise in creating worlds slimmest TV.
The screen presented in Korea is a 55-inch OLED panel. It is only .97 mm thick and it weighs 1.9 kilograms. Instead of a traditional wall mount, the screen sticks onto a magnetic mat which is applied to the wall. The screen can then be peeled off just like a refrigerator magnet.

LT is currently pushing more and more products based on OLED (organic light emitting diodes) OLED technology because it gives LG more flexibility than the standard LED screens. It also paves way for massive curved screens and gaming monitors. Customers also lap up OLED TVs because they are much lighter because they emit their own light, eliminating a separate layer for backlighting and provide a better energy saving option.

The above ultra slim TV may be released by end 2015 but will be relatively expensive. To get an idea about the pricing, LG’s current 77-inch 4K OLED screen retails for a whopping $24,999.


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