Microsoft announces Cortana for Android smartphones and iPhone/iPad

Microsoft announces Windows 10 companion; Cortana for iOS and Android

The Redmond based software behemoth is upping its stakes in the high margin smartphone market yet again. Today it announced that it will be bringing its PDA App Cortana to Android smartphones/tablets and iPhone/iPad.

Microsoft will be releasing a separate standalone Cortana Companion App for each mobile system. However Microsoft said that the Cortana for Android and iOS will do exactly the same tasks it would do on a Windows operating system.

According to Microsoft, Cortana Companion App will be available for Android in late June and for iPhone and iPad by the end of this year.

Cortana on iOS or Android won’t be as powerful as the Windows variant because of various integrations, Microsoft is still providing notification support on both operating systems. On enabling the option,  users will get on the spot notifications for sports results, flights, and most of the Cortana features that currently exist in the Windows Phone and Windows 10 versions of the digital assistant.

Microsoft’s Cortana is all part of a new phone companion experience for bringing services and features from Windows 10 to all smartphones. A video of the phone companion is given below :

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