How To Remove Recommended Ads From Windows 11 Start Menu?

Windows 11 dropped the Ad bomb on the users with their latest update KB5036980. Now users are seeing ads in the Start Menu of Windows 11 after the newest update.

People are already showing their disappointment on Reddit and Microsoft forums. Few have uninstalled the operating system in protest.

But you don’t have to do that. Instead, you can disable the ads from the Windows 11 Start Menu.

Fortunately, there is a setting in the personalization section to remove the Start menu ads. Here is how you can do it in under a minute.

How to disable Windows 11 Start Menu ads?

1. Head to Personalization settings by pressing Windows + I

Disable Start Menu Ads in Windows 11

2. Go to Start in the Personalization section.

Disable Start Menu Ads in Windows 11

3. Scroll down and disable the setting that says “Show recommendations for tips, shortcuts, new apps, and more.

Disable Start Menu Ads in Windows 11

Now you have successfully disabled Windows 11 Start menu ads. If you want it back for any reason, you can enable it through the above-given steps.

How to avoid getting Ads in the Start Menu?

You can prevent the ads from appearing in the first place by skipping this KB5036980 update for now.

Now do remember that it will become part of the mandatory update in the coming months. You can hold it till then.

After that, you use the method we have given to disable ads in the Start menu of Windows 11.

Microsoft Must Remove Start Menu Ads

The subscription-based pricing model for Office 365 was just a scratch on the surface. These Start Menu ads on Windows 11 have certainly upset many people.

Microsoft should think twice before monetizing a product for which users already pay premium prices.

Ads in a paid product are never welcome. The sentiments would have been a little different if Windows 11 was a free product.

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