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Anything and everything because titles should not define us. A non-fiction lover. Khalid Hosseini and Ruskin Bond fan. Aspiring to be better than yesterday.
Search Google or Type a URL

Search Google or Type a URL, What Is It?

As a Google Chrome user, you must be familiar with Search Google or Type a URL box appearing in a new tab by default....
Download Microsoft 365 for free

Microsoft 365 Download for Free – 2023 Latest Version

Everyone is searching for a free version of Microsoft 365 but you won't find one. There are many modded versions but they may harm...
best Uptobox alternatives

Uptobox Down, 5 Best Uptobox Alternatives

After months of efforts by ACE, the French file-sharing service Uptobox has shut down. The police raided their data centers hosted in east Paris...
Convert Bootable USB to ISO file

How to Convert Bootable USB to ISO (windows 10/11)

You created a bootable USB of Windows 11, 10, or even 8.1 after downloading it. Then you deleted the ISO file to make space...
Download realtek HD Audio manager

Realtek HD Audio Manager Download for Windows 10/11

Realtek sound drivers have been around for decades. You will find them virtually on every Windows PC. They often went bad and then there...
Fix product activation failed in MS Office

How to Fix Product Activation Failed in Microsoft Office

When discussing office tools for work, businesses, homes, and educational institutions, the Microsoft Office suite is often the first to come to mind. It...
Solve Vmmem High memory CPU usage issue

Solve Vmmem High Memory and CPU Usage issue on Windows 10/11

Your day-to-day operations are lagging on Windows PC or Laptop, even when no resource intensive app is running in the background. And then you...
CroxyProxy YouTube - Unblock YouTube Videos

CroxyProxy YouTube – Unblock YouTube Videos

Over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day. It has some of the best content out there on the internet. However, not everyone...
Winception by NTDEV

Winception by Tiny10 Dev is a Nesting Dream for Windows

Most of us focussed on running a Windows version on the virtual machine. Mainly worried about whether it will hit the resources ceiling and...
Download realtek audio console

Download Realtek Audio Console for Windows 10/11

Realtek Audio Console is an advanced version of the Realtek HD Audio Manager, offering more sophisticated features. This tool lets you configure various audio...