Best MagnetDL Proxy Sites and Alternatives [WORKING]

MagnetDL, one of the popular torrent search engines, has been offline for over five days. Regular users are being greeted with a ‘Cloudflare Error 523’ message instead of the normal search interface.

The last time MagnetDL was offline for several days was more than five years ago when it decided to shut down without prior warning

Founded in 2012, MagnetDL was a large collection of magnet download links for software, movies, eBooks, and music, making it one of the more popular torrent search engines in the United States.

But you don’t have to worry as we have the best MagnetDL Proxy list, along with alternatives. Keep torrenting without interruptions.

Best MagnetDL Proxy List for 2024

MagnetDL Proxy List Status Working Down Working
Newer links will be added soon  

How to open MagnetDL Proxy?

Method #1 – Click on any of the links and it will open in the browser of your device.

Method #2 – Copy and paste the above-given links in the browser of your choice.

How Does MagnetDL Proxy Work?

Think of a proxy as an intermediary server that you can use to access the internet. When you use a proxy, you are not directly connecting to MagnetDL.

Instead, you are connecting to the proxy server, which then connects to MagnetDL on your behalf. The proxy fetches the data from MagnetDL and sends it back to you.

This way you can unblock MagnetDL proxy and download torrents of your choice.

Best MagnetDL Alternatives

MagnetDL is still not working for you? then try these MagnetDL alternatives to download torrents.



TorrentZ can be your go-to search engine for torrents. Search for any torrent and it will show you results from different torrent websites from around the internet.

Click on the magnet icon to download the torrent through the magnet link. Alternatively, you can open the listing and download it through the torrent file.


Snowflw MagnetDL alternative

You can call Snowfl the Google of torrents. It has a simple interface where you can simply search for torrents and download them from the search results.

It lets you download the magnet files directly. But if you want to dive deep, then click on the file torrent website’s name.



Zooqle has been around for a long time. Its domain keeps on changing but gets you some of the rarest torrents.

The only way to download torrents from here is through the magnet link. The rest of the buttons don’t work so don’t bother trying them.

KickAss Torrents


KickAss torrents don’t need an introduction. You will get gaming, music, software, and all other kind of torrents.

Similar to Zooqle, you can only download torrents through the magnet link. That magnet link works with the download torrent and magnet icon. The rest of them take you to third-party advertisements.



MagnetDL had some good Anime torrents. You can find the same on Anidex. It is one of the largest Anime torrent sites.

Just like Snowfl, TorrentZ, you can download the torrents from the results. You will find manga, Anime, and movies as well.

The site loads slowly at times because of the sheer number of visitors at all times. You will have to be patient to get through.  

Download Torrents using MagnetDL Alternatives

These were the best MagnetDL alternatives and proxies. You can use them to download torrents of different genres.

Make sure to use proxy if any of the proxies or alternatives are blocked in your area.

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