Animeflix Shuts Down; 3 Best Alternatives

Animeflix has shut down without a warning. The owner was under legal pressure for a couple of months.

It was amongst the most active Anime sites online. The owner posted on the 35,000 members strong Discord channel about the site’s sudden closure.

Animeflix has shutdown

They haven’t mentioned the exact reason or the organization behind the closure but fans are not happy.

Many are finding it difficult to watch Anime for free. As many sites are shutting down, perhaps, it is time to look at the working Animeflix alternatives.

Best Animeflix Alternatives

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is one of the most popular Anime streaming sites on the internet. You can watch many Anime series for free through ad-filled streams, similar to YouTube.

Their regional pricing makes it affordable for you to get a 3-month plan for under $2 in most regions.

Here Crunchyroll lets you opt for the free 14-day trial. After that, you can opt for monthly or yearly plans.

You will get the most popular Anime titles here. This includes popular titles like “Naruto Shippuden,” “Attack on Titan,” and “One Piece,” as well as lesser-known gems.

Along with that, watch anime simulcasts, meaning episodes are available almost simultaneously with their broadcast in Japan.

2. RetroCrush


Use the time machine and get a taste of classic Anime titles. RetroCrush is amazing if you want classics.

Here you will get cult favorites, forgotten gems, and best works in the anime industry, such as “Great Teacher Onizuka,” “Street Fighter II V,” and “Bubblegum Crisis.”

Just like Animeflix and Crunchyroll, you can stream most Animes for free with the advertisements

There is also a LIVE TV section, which streams nonstop Anime. You can see the guide and follow your favorite shows.

3. Disney Plus


Disney Plus (Hotstar in Asia) is a good Animeflix alternative to stream Anime. It has ad-supported free viewing in some of the countries.

You will find popular Anime movies and shows, depending on your region’s content licensing.

There are no ads and you watch most Anime series in 4K upscaled resolution. The audio is in Japanese while the subtitles are in English.

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Start Watching Anime Now

Use these Animeflix alternatives and start streaming Anime for free. All of these services have apps, which lets you download the movies and episodes to watch later.

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