How To Play Legend of Zelda On PC?

Legend of Zelda was inspired by its creator’s journey on the hills, caves, and forests. The game became so popular that several movies were based on it.

The game’s popularity transcended into day-to-day conversations.

The Legends of Zelda started with NES, back in 1986 and has continued with the latest iterations on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo kept the popular game exclusive to their console. But that won’t be a problem because you can play Zelda on PC through an emulator.

You can install Nintendo Switch emulators to play Legends of Zelda on the computer.

Is Zelda available on PC?

No, Zelda is not available on PC through the official ways. You need the Nintendo Switch console to play the game.

However, you can emulator Nintendo Switch on PC and play Legends of Zelda titles. You can use a number of emulators to do that.

Best Zelda Emulators for PC

If you are looking for the best Legend of Zelda for PC emulators, then have a look at these options.

1. RetroArch

RetroArch as Zelda emulator

RetroArch is a reliable emulator to play Legends of Zelda on PC. It relies on cores, which are application programs, to emulate the Nintendo Switch console.

With their latest update, you get significantly lower input latency. Connect a gamepad or controller to get an immersive gameplay experience, along with automatic controller configuration.

You can extract the zip file and launch the emulator. No need to install it on the computer.

While Zelda doesn’t have direct multiplayer option, you can still get into it through the minigames. In Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, you can use RetroArch to play multiplayer with friends.

Once everything is set up, you can record the gameplay and post it wherever you like.

And that is not all, you can also stream the gameplay on YouTube and Twitch through the integrated streaming setting.

On top of all that, install the addons, components, and content for a unique game style.

2. Yuzu

Yuzu for Zelda on PC

Yuzu has a cult following in the Nintendo Switch emulators segment. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued, but you can still download it through the Wayback archive library.

It can make games look better than on the actual Nintendo Switch by increasing the resolution, even up to 4K.

With save states, you can save your game progress at any point and load it later. This makes it easier to pick up where you left off.

And if you feel the game is too difficult, use Yuzu supported cheats. You can modify the game to make it easier or more fun.

That is not all, you can use mods to change or improve games. This can include new textures, changes to game mechanics, and other custom content.

3. Ryujinx

legend of zelda emulator

Ever since Yuzu was discontinued officially owing to legal troubles, people have found it hard to find a Zelda emulator for PC.

Ryujinx is an experimental Nintendo Switch emulator inspired by Yuzu. As of now, it has over 3,500 playable titles while a few hundreds are still under work.

You will get a smart screen warning on the first launch. Ignore the prompt and go ahead to launch Ryujinx, whose interface is available in 17+ languages.

You can drag and drop Legends of Zelda and other games to load them. After that, use the tools option to load the firmware, when prompted.

Take advantage of the Discord integration to chat with friends, without leaving the game or the emulator.

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4. Suyu

Suyu emulator for Zelda

The name feels inspired by Yuzu. This experimental Legends of Zelda emulator is gathering all the right feedback.

It has continued to get better in the last year and now you can play a decent number of games. Suyu is being actively worked upon so you can expect improvements.

Just like Ryujinx, you will need the original encryption keys to play Legends of Zelda on a PC. The interface is similar to Yuzu.

It supports all formats including .NSO files. You can also drag and drop to load the game. It also lets you add game directories.

Suyu also has a multiplayer option. You can create lobbies or join the ones by your friends. Their public lobby browser needs some work as it doesn’t work properly.

5. Cemu

Zelda emulator for PC

Cemu is designed for Wii U and GameCube, but it can run Nintendo Switch games, including Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW), Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 2, and more.

It is possible through Wii U games porting to the Nintendo Switch platform.

Through its graphics enhancements, Cemu can run Legends of Zelda BOTW on higher frames compared to other Switch emulators.

It can run on older computers, as only 4 GB RAM is required, combined with older CPUs and GPUs.

If the graphics feel dated, then feel free to add the packs and textures from the Cemu library.


If you don’t want to download or install a Zelda emulator, then visit certain retro gaming websites.

You can play Zelda in the browser. The game is loaded and then you try the game without downloading the files.

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