Microsoft slams Android updates, claims Google ships a ‘big pile of… code’

Microsoft slams Android updates, claims Google does not take responsibility for upgrades

Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Windows chief has blasted Android updates saying that Google is not committed to upgrade customer devices, putting their business in jeopardy.

Myerson said “Google ships a big pile of… code, with no commitment to update your device,” with an deliberate pause that made the audience laugh. “Google takes no responsibility to update customer devices and refuses to take responsibility to update their devices, leaving end users and businesses increasingly exposed every day they use an Android device.”

However, Myerson did not announce how Microsoft plans to bypass carriers and deliver regular updates to its Windows 10 phones in future.

Back in 2013, Microsoft had first uncovered a developer preview for Windows Phone, wherein unless you login as a consumer then it’s not a right way to deliver updates to devices. Windows users too have a mixed experience regarding Updates. There was no up-gradation from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, and those who have Windows RT won’t get Windows 10 in the future.

Microsoft might not have a perfect update history, but it is planning to fix some of that with Windows 10. Myerson explained “We’re not going to be delivering all of the updates to all consumers on one big day of the month”, commenting that the software Titan will persist to deliver updates to Windows 10 in distribution rings.

Microsoft announced the idea of slow and fast rings with its Windows 10 preview, which let’s some users to get the latest bits and others to wait for constant releases without bugs. However, Myerson said that the company will not provide all the updates to the users on a single day of the month.

Microsoft is also set to release Windows Update for Business today, which is created for businesses to get the latest updates for Windows 10. On the lines of consumer updates, businesses will also be able to choose maintenance windows and distribution rings to be certain not all machines take quick updates to Windows 10.

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