Girls love talking about the Apple Watch while Guys love it : Study

Despite all the intensive publicity and promotion that surrounded the launch of Apple Watch, a new study on Twitter has shown that Apple Watch has ignited a battle of the sexes.

The study conducted by CrowdFlower, a California-based data mining company examined more than 30,000 tweets from the time of the Apple Watch launch on April 24. It found that 64 per cent of women tweeted positive feelings about the Apple Watch before its launch and continued to do so now as compared to 53 percent of men, as reported by and Time.

About 70 per cent of the tweets about the Apple Watch were from gadget-obsessed guys, the study found. In addition, the fitness app was usually loved by the people that gives a healthy lifestyle with the daily goal of finishing three rings of movement, standing and exercise.

According to the study, the majority of positive tweets about the Apple Watch were regarding the use of apps on the Watch. On the other hand, the major complaint that came in the form of negative tweets about the Watch were about the slow delivery for orders.

However, the biggest problems with the Apple Watch also happen to be its apps, with 22 percent of the users tweeting negatively about the app bugs.


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