Want to change your home into a haunted house, try Night Terrors, a super creepy smartphone game

Haunt your own house with this creepy eerie smartphone game

Night Terror uses the rear camera of your smartphone and creates an augmented real life appearances, thus converting your home into a real scaring arena.

Are your crazy for Paranormal activity and its your fantasy to experience haunted home in real life then the new upcoming smartphone game ‘Night Terrors‘ is the apt answer!! Now a super creepy smartphone game “Night Terror” has been developed for all those who like to watch horror films and would want to experience the terrifying effect in their homes.

Night Terror is a forthcoming smartphone game that uses the rear camera and flash of the smartphone to create augmented real life features converting your home into a frightening place which probably one would not like to stay after dark.

Night Terror game is designed in such a way that one needs to play it in their own home or apartment by switching off all the lights and using headphones, the game is effective only if user completely secludes themselves from the normal sounds and also in case there is complete blackout in their home. Now, the game uses LED flash and rear camera of the smartphone to scan the surroundings and starts building an internal map which would highlight certain best spots that will truly scare the user. The main goal of this game is to search the house of a young girl who is in need of rescue.

Basically the accelerometer of the smartphone locates the floor, walls and all the places of user’s home and then this data is stored on the device which aids in apt functioning of the game. The game is designed to bring about a custom experience to the user based on the layout of their home.

User needs to move their abode in total darkness and throughout the hunt they will be haunted by supernatural entities. The headphones will ensure that creepiness is increased multiple times and also whatever user hears will come directly from the game itself which one would not expect to hear under normal scenario within the safety of their home.

When players move around their house in dark and using the rear camera and LED flash ON, the data from camera and headphone is sorted out in real time thus players encounter ghosts and monsters with creepy sounds when they move about the arena.

Further the developers of the game said: “We’re using a variety of features totally new to augmented reality experiences on mobile devices, including point-source modelling, environment filtering and intensity scanning in order to build a clean map only from walls and light.”

Developer Bryan Mitchell has worked really hard to make the game a success further he has also taken precautions by removing any bugs that players might encounter. In order to make the game more interesting and for a real time experience it has been developed in such a way that it calculates the behavior of a player; thus, Night Terrors manipulates players to move in a convincing direction.

Mr. Mitchell said: “If the game needs the player to go down their hallway, it manipulates the player to go there. If the game doesn’t want the player to see or move, it presents a situation where seeing and moving will get the player killed.”

Users can play this game to the extent that they can handle. For additional effect users can also put up some spooky decorations in their home that will add to the creepiness.

Developers have been working on this game for last fourteen months. Currently Night Terrors is seeking funds on Indiegogo and it has been successful in raising about 5% of the goal on the very first day however they still require more funds to meet their requirement.

The game has entered a contract and is expected to arrive on Apple’s iPhone 5 by early 2016 and further developers visualize that the game will soon be brought to Android and Windows devices as well after its release.

Users can enjoy this creepy video for now:


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