What Google Android M would bring to smartphone users

Features of ‘Google Android M operating system’ which will be launched on 28th May, 2015

As the Google I/O 2015 conference is nearing it seems certain that Google would release the Android M Operating System and most probably it would focus on performance enhancement. What other novel features would Google Android M bring to us….any guesses?

Not much has been revealed regarding Android M except an accidental mention in the Android for work event schedule, which was later removed by Google.

Android has made tremendous improvement with each version and hence it is very difficult to predict what all novel features Google is planning to unfold with its Android M.

For now, the release of Android M seems to be a bit premature with Android Lollipop capturing only 10% of its distribution; however it looks as if Google is finally settling into an annual update schedule which indicates that just like its Lollipop version the Android M version will also get the developer’s preview first and later towards November it will be made available to the Android users.

Android Lollipop version had seen a major updation in the material design; however experts feel that with Android M, the major focus would be on performance enhancement.

Certain predictions from experts in regards to Android M features:

  •  Android M in the field of Enterprise and Security:
    • When it comes to Enterprise, Google is nowhere a match to Blackberry which has been a perfect choice of platform for Enterprise. However, Google had announced its plans regarding Android for Work concept during  Google I/O 2014 conference.
    • Experts feel that with Android M, Google will enter into the Enterprise sector which will help the Android users to manage work as well as play on the same device.
    • Of late, employers are accepting Android devices in workplaces wherein employees can bring their own device as these prove to be much  cheaper, Google seems to be ready to capture the Enterprise sector with Android M.
    • For now, Google has teamed up with a number of IT partners such as Cisco, BlackBerry, Motorola, Samsung, Box and others to bring a consistent management platform wherein the enterprise managers would be allowed to control the Android devices. Further, Google has plans to add secure business apps and devices to these programs.
    • With Android M, Google seems to be also penetrating into user authentication techniques with its improved Smart Lock feature which will make the security credentials much more robust.
  • Predictions for Voice Control: With Android M, we can probably expect the users to navigate around their devices just with their voices as ‘Google now’ would be rolled across the platforms.
  • Expanding Android to watches, cars and TV: Google with Android M is planning to expand beyond smartphones and Tablets and most probably would expand to cars, watches as well as TV.
    • Android Auto: Just imagine, if the cars are shipped with pre installed Android M; car drivers will not have to depend on the smartphones to stay connected. Seems that Google’s Android M definitely has some interesting prospects for drivers.
    • Android Wear: Smartwatches are the in thing and Google needs to bring in some drastic improvements in this sector. Google’s developers might already have excellent plans to implement Android M in Android wear sector.
    • Android TV: Google seems to be offering newer ways of introducing play games and other contents through their Android TV and Google Cast. Though not much has been revealed regarding these expansions however experts feel that Android M will definitely be expanded in this field.

Lets have a look at what we as users of Android want to see in Android M: 

  1. Rectification in multiple notifications: A common issue faced by Android users with multiple devices is that they keep getting same notifications on all the devices simultaneously, even after it has been deleted on one device. For example, if the Android device gives the weather forecast on smartphone, it will give the same alert on smartwatch as well as Tablet, even though it has been deleted from any one of the devices. Hence, Google needs to take proper steps to synchronize the notification data across platforms so as to develop “unified notification” system, wherein if user has deleted the notification on one device it will not show up on other devices. Users would love to see this feature being incorporated in Android M.
  2. Split Screen and multiple app option on same screen: For a long time Google has been repeatedly requested to introduce the split screen feature which can aid in viewing multiple apps at the same time on the screen. Again this is one of the feature which Android users would appreciate if it has been incorporated in Android M, this feature would be most useful for people who are using Tablets.
  3. An integration of Chrome OS and Android: Android users would appreciate to see integration in Chrome OS and Android with Google’s Android M.
  4. Back up options: Google needs to work on its back up options and with Android M probably we will be able to get easier and faster data back up options in Android.
  5. Android “M”: Android users are pretty curious to know which sweetener has Android chosen for this version and what does the “M” stand for! There are a lot of speculations for the “M” which includes Muffin, Mars Bars, Mermalade, so on and so forth the list is endless.

Google has been known to keep the details of its conference a secret till its actual schedule. Google I/O 2015 would be held on 28th and 29th May. So stay connected to know what all new prospects Google has introduced for Android and what will Android M actually bring for its users.

Readers can definitely add to what other features they are expecting from Android M in the comments section.

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  1. Every year, the giant companies are launching new operating systems. I think Another feature that will make its way to iOS 9 is Transit, and this role is to help users navigate cities via public transport.


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