YuFit Fitness Band and HealthYu Health Tracker to be available soon in India for Rs.999 and 4999 respectively

With the increasing number of fitness freaks, reasonably priced fitness gadgets are quickly becoming a new craze in India. The latest products of this new fad is YuFit fitness band and the HealthYu health tracker. Micromax’s Yu Televentures revealed these products alongside Yuphoria, its new metal finish smartphone.

The YuFit fitness band comes at a very cheap price of Rs. 999. YuFit fitness band, which is sold at the same retail value as Xiaomi Mi Band wants to send clear signals of a stiff competition to its competitor.

YuFit’s design and functionality is similar to that of the above mentioned device. However, it goes one step further and offers a proper OLED touchscreen display that is not offered on the Xiaomi gadget. It allows you to read notifications and time on the display.

The YuFit fitness band is powered by the HealthifyMe app, which allows it to track your diet, calorie count, weight fluctuations and more. Once you become the owner of the YuFit, it will also give you access to fitness trainers and dieticians, with whom you can chat or contact as well.

Yu Televentures launches YuFit Fitness Band for Rs.999 and HealthYu Health Tracker for Rs.4999

The HealthYu health tracker priced at Rs. 4,999 goes one step further and provides a complete health solution for your home. You can get ECG, pulse rate as well as heart rate readings by simply connecting this cassette-sized device to your smartphone. In addition, it can also measure your body temperature, your respiration rate, blood pressure and even your blood oxygen levels.

The YuFit fitness band and HealthYu health tracker are yet to be made available for sale. However, once released the YuFit fitness band and HealthYu health tracker would be selling at a price of Rs. 999 and Rs. 4,999, respectively. Their makers have announced that the accessories will be available for sale in the market sometime next month.