Apple’s iCloud and other services facing outage due to some unknown reason

Apple Service Down : Apple Store, iTunes, iClouds, iMessage and host of other Apple services face outage

Seems like Apple services are running into some rough weather. Despite the Apple Status Page showing that all Apple services including Apple iCloud and Apple Store are online and healthy, users of this services are facing outage and are unable to upload or download any files or features.  The Apple Store home page is working as usual but as soon as users try to download or update any App, the page throws up error.

Same issue is faced by iTunes Store users. The homepage opens just fine but when users try to download any song or iBook, they face trouble. Some users have noted that even photo syncing across platforms is stalling due to above reason.

iMessage appears to be having problems for a number of users, though others are still able to use the messaging service without issue. Find My iPhone is inaccessible for the web and fails to login from the mobile app. iOS activations are also impacted, so iOS users trying to activate new or recently updated devices will be unable to do so.

The interface is giving below mentioned error page and also seems to be blocking users’ ability to open the iCloud panel in System Preferences. This causes both the Preferences app and the iCloud Services process to stop responding.

Apple customers took to Twitter to make known their anguish over the outage

Apple has not yet issued any statement regarding this outage. Some users are able to log into the Apple services but that too, intermittently.

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