Hostile Takeover Makes Popular TV Torrent Website EZTV Disappear From Google

Google removes popular TV torrent website EZTV from search engines after hostile takeover

The EZTV is still attracting millions of visitors per week in spite of being run by the ‘scammers’. However, the search engine, Google has totally removed the domain from its top search results, indicating at the unfriendly takeover instead.

The group behind the popular TV-torrent distribution group EZTV finally called it quits last month, after months of trouble with an unfriendly takeover.

From the time, it was found ten years ago, the group had developed a reputation of consistency and quality. However, as of today, the original EZTV admin is no longer active.

EZTV’s domain is now instead run by an outsider who makes it appear that nothing has changed. People can still see the latest TV-torrents on the site’s homepage.

These torrents at first were brought from other groups, but a person recently acting to be EZTV’s Novaking said that they had started releasing their own torrents again.

“We have a great news for you. [eztv] has started releasing torrents again. No more nested/unneeded files/folders you have complained about. The same quality like before.”

While the unaware users may fall for the act to be pretending to be some other person, the people in the know are aware that they have cut their ties with the site. For example, KickassTorrents and The Pirate Bay are giving cautionary advice to their users to look out for fake files and have suspended or disabled the official EZTV account.

Google too has seen through the facade as the torrent experts have done.

While searching for the term EZTV using Google, the domain (later was the top listed result for many years. Taking into consideration, that there are hundreds of thousands of backlinks to the site, this is no surprise.

However, the “official” domain has now interestingly been entirely removed from the top results. Many of the pages of the domain dont even appear in the search results.

Notably, following a takedown notice from Lionsgate, the main domain was stripped. However, generally other pages on the same domain take its place quickly, as happened in the case of ExtraTorrent and others.

The non appearance of the EZTV domain is worthy of attention and stands out in comparison to other search engines.

For instance, both Bing and DuckDuckGo roughly a week ago persisted in showing on top of the result. Both search engines today still show the domain among the top results, however no longer in the first position.

The search traffic to EZTV is negligible, as the site is no longer among the top result in Google or elsewhere.

It is yet to be seen if the site’s total traffic will also fall down in the long run. As of now, the site is still among the most famous torrent sites on the internet, and many users either are not aware or are least bothered on who runs the show.

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