EZTV shuts down after scammers take over its domain

After losing key domain names and data in a hostile takeover to scammers, EZTV founder NovaKing has calls it quits

The roller coaster ride of EZTV comes to an end after almost 10 years. EZTV has been one of the prominent names in TV torrents and has consistently been ranked number one site for TV shows.

EZTV was born in 2005 amidst the churn out of torrent sized due to takedowns and raids.  Soon it turned into one of the most visited torrent sites and after a decade of run-ins with the copyright groups its run came to an end yesterday.

The EZTV found and main operator called it quits after a hostile takeover from scammers. Torrent Freak spoke to sevaral EZTV staffers including sladinki007 to know what happened.

Apparently scammers got hold of EZTVs domain after it was seized by .IT registrars for inaccurate Whois information. The .IT registry put the domain back on the market and it was snapped up by scammers.

The scammers than took hold of NovaKing’s accounts with EZTV.ch including email ids in effect virtually blocking him off all his own domain names. The .se domain was linked to the mailbox of EZTV founder NovaKing, which allowed them to access the domain registrar account and various other services for which they quickly reset all passwords.

Sladinki007 says that NovaKing must have been devastated by what happened. A life’s work was completely ruined in a few days and access to personal domain names was gone as well.

The Pirate Bay has also suspended EZTV user account after the scammers took control of it.  While many of the older torrents are still available on EZTV website, TPB has warned users to stay away from it.

After losing key domain names and data in a hostile takeover, EZTV founder NovaKing has called it quits

Other torrent sites such as KickassTorrents, BT-chat and Rarbg have also disabled or suspended the official EZTV accounts.  In addition, KickassTorrents and BT-chat have added the same warning as TPB.

Considering the above facts,  readers should avoid EZTV torrents and website.


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