Microsoft Skype Translator to be integrated with Windows 8.1 PCs and Tablets

Skype for Windows app to get Translator preview built right in

After previewing its real-time translation for Skype over the last six months , Microsoft will be integrating the preview of its Skype Translator real-time translation service into the desktop versions of its Skype application on Windows PCs.

Microsoft’s trying to make the translator feature available to larger set of users. Since the removal of sign-up process last month, Skype Translator preview has seen a 300 percent increase in the usage, according to the company.

Skype Translator was announced in December last year. It lets you translate your speech in real time both as speech and text. Currently the service supports English, Spanish, Mandarin and Italian languages for real time speech translation, but Microsoft will roll out support to more languages in coming months.

The main aim for Skype’s translator service is to remove the language barrier between people trying to communicate with each other across the globe. The service employs machine learning algorithms which learns on the go and makes itself more intelligent. That means, the more the number of people using it, the better it becomes.

It is possible that with the upcoming release of Windows 10, Microsoft intends to combine the Windows PC and tablet versions of Skype into a single program. A new version of Skype has been released to Microsoft’s partners, so it is possible that we will see a single app across all versions of Windows 10, but there is no definite date set for this new version release.

Microsoft is expecting more feedback from users now that it has been made available to all.

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