USB Type-C To Be Introduced In OnePlus 2

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone maker is known for always coming up with something unexpected. Back in 2013, when it released the One, it was a handset that changed the meaning of “budget” phones forever. At present, after reportedly getting a complete redo with both its software and hardware, OnePlus has affirmed that USB Type-C will be coming to its next flagship.

The OnePlus 2 is going to have a different charging port, which is going to make your smartphone a lot better. Let’s have a look at the benefits that USB Type-C would provide.

Like Apple’s Lightning cable, it is reversible. No more clumsiness of the hands to plug it in the right way.

It can transmit data at up to 10 Gbps, which is 10 times your crazy Google Fiber connection per second.

It can do video. You can do away with specialized video ports like HDMI and DisplayPort, as the Type-C can do that too in both the directions. A single cable could carry video from PC to phone or phone to PC, or to TVs, tablets, etc.

It can carry a huge amount of power. It can deliver up to 100w of power based on the wall-wart you plug your Type-C cable into, which is enough to charge not just the underpowered processors but also full-size laptops.

Type-C is an open standard like all USBs. It would not be limited to line of gadgets or any one company.

Type-C is adaptable backwards. It can be used with the old ports that are already all around you (if you get an adapter).
It’s very small, which is enough to make laptops thinner and work its way into tablets and phones.

Well, there are many reasons to be enthusiastic about although OnePlus is not the first one to move to the new charging standard on a smartphone. While the inclusion of USB Type-C is only 100 percent good news, there are a few contradictory types of rumors hovering around the OnePlus 2.

The company also affirmed that the OnePlus 2 would not be too cheap on your pockets. With features like an improved Snapdragon 810 processor and a quad HD display besides others, the OnePlus 2 will surely not be the cheap smartphone that one is used to buying. But one only hopes that with exceptional features like USB Type-C, it should not get forgotten in the world of smartphones.


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