Samsung files a tri-folding tablet patent with Korean Patent authority

Samsung, looks like is running back to schedule again when it comes to its imaginative display ambitions. Once again Samsung has become the subject of rumors of equally imaginative devices of the future, who was once known for its fixation for bendable and foldable displays. The Korean Intellectual Property Office who recently granted patent to it shows just how much the Korean OEM has been thinking about the topic. The latest display a tablet that can bend into three parts to become what could very well be a phablet.

No wonder that is what all geek dreams are made of. How about a phone that can work as a phone as well a tablet and relieves you of having to carry both at the same time. To top it, you can add a keyboard and one would have a laptop that fits in your pocket. In the history of the industry, Samsung’s fixation with that idea is very well known and its patent portfolio is most likely filled up to the edge. However, it looks like almost certainly nearer to that dream than ever before.

The whole device is divided into three parts in this patent, with the outer two panels bending in opposite directions. One side of the folded device this way will have the display, while the opposite side will have the camera facing outwards. A bit of the display even shows on one side ala the Galaxy Note Edge.

This is not quite the same idea from concepts and single fold prototypes of the past, which would have had either no sides showing the display or would have both sides showing the display. In comparison to a completely flexible tablet, this is also somewhat a bit more practical. The screen in this case only really needs to bend and fold. Especially the battery and the motherboard along with the rest of the components can stay in solid cases like before.

Of course, Samsung now has enough skill with bendable displays, as it ostentatiously displayed it in the Galaxy S6 edge. A curved display of course and a completely foldable one are not the same. Having said this, Samsung for sure has the resources and a strong desire to make it all happen. It recently showed off again its expertise with its transparent and mirrored OLED displays. It might be certain enough to give rumors of a 2016 launch for such devices a bit more belief.