Security researchers devise method to hack into laptops using pita bread and a radio

Creative researchers at Tel Aviv University have come up with a smart way of keeping an eye on computer users by hacking into their laptops using a radio receiver and a piece of pita bread and stealing their passwords.

The findings which were published online by the researchers showed that many models of laptop gives electromagnetic radiation that can be maneuvered into disclosing the passwords stored on laptops.

Encoding and decoding communication operations have their own electromagnetic signatures, which can be recorded by the special device and then translated on a different computer. Laptops could be tricked into disclosing passwords when sent encoded passages of text. Laptops would then encode the data, and researchers then used the special radio which would track the electromagnetic radiation the laptop’s CPU works.

Security researchers devise method to hack into laptops using pita bread and a radio

A spectogram of the data received by the pita bread is displayed by the laptop on the right. The data is stored on a microSD card, which can be manually retrieved or either be accessed via Wi-Fi. After having a look at the graph, the researchers can decode the password from the transformation in the signal.

Well, the question that arises is why use pita bread? It has been found that the radio device is large enough to be concealed inside pita bread, a sandwich, or any other object that would not cause attention in public spaces. This method can be used to spy on public targets without their knowledge. However, the hacker needs to be in the area near the targeted laptop (no farther than 50cm).

As far as result goes, the researchers say that it only takes a few seconds to crack a password stolen with this device.