Sony to launch its amazingly thin X900C 4K Ultra HD Android TV sets in July

Without any doubts, one would have to say that Sony is the only manufacturer that has supported Google for their smart TV venture. Back in the day, they were leading the Google TV race, and this year they have put in all their smart TV achievements on Android TV. It is extremely good to see such a significant TV maker back on our favorite platform; however, it is even more exhilarating to see that they are presenting us with some of the most attractive televisions around.

The device that is being discussed here is the most astonishingly thin 4K TV sets that was showcased at CES 2015. It was only 4.9 mm at its thinnest point, which is pretty much most of the panel. To witness such a thinness in a person is truly bizarre. Just to put it in the frame of reference, majority of the modern smartphones cannot be made that thin. The only one smartphone that comes close to being thin as this TV is the Oppo R5.

These TV sets were scheduled to arrive in the month of May; however, no news about these TV sets were received with that month coming and going by. However, finally today, the details regarding the pricing and availability of these TV sets have been disclosed. Even though Sony could not launch in the specified month, they have managed to get the X900C 4K Ultra HD TV all set for a July 2015 release, whereas the X910C version will be available in the stores “this summer”.

With size being the only distinct feature, the X900C will come in two varieties. While the larger one will have a 65-inch display, the smaller one will measure 55 inches. The 55-inch display will cost $2,499 (Rs.1590,00), whereas the 65-inch display will cost $3999 (Rs.255,000). Whereas, the huge 75-inch X910C 4K Ultra HD TV will cost an enormous $5499 (Rs.350,000). The pre-sales are expected to begin today, while the retailers like Amazon, Sony and Best Buy will be the first to carry them.

Well, thats about it. While these beautiful TV sets would take your living room to another level altogether, at the same time, it would cut a huge hole in your pocket for this experience. So, let us know what do you think and pen your views in the comments section below.