Windows phone edges out Android, OS X and IOS in security and privacy

Windows Phone considered the most secure phone operating systems by top cyber security experts

Several people will dispute that which phone is safer, Android or IOS, with both parties giving their own reasons for their choice. But it seems that both are not private and secure enough to meet the cyber security experts expectations. Recently, a top cyber security expert put all the smartphones through a head-to-head security test and it appears that Windows Phone is considered to be the safest in the field.

During the AusCERT security conference, Eugene Kaspersky, the founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab stated that the Windows phone has always beaten Android, OS X and iOS as mentioned in Tech Times. Kaspersky says that Microsoft has sustained its achievement in blocking most types of computer attacks and keeping Windows Phone users protected from viruses.

As the company that analyses over 300,000 different types of malware each day, Kaspersky researchers do have a point.

Also, feedback collected from the company’s 400 million active subscribers regarding malware and virus samples make Kaspersky Lab the best choice to pass the judgement about the safest operating system. By using these samples, the company was able to classify which operating system, users today think is the safest and which ones were most susceptible to hacks.

According to IT wire, anti-virus methods should not only focus on the traditional way of virus prevention but also work hard at improving data protection by strengthening the information from cyber crime, sabotage and espionage. And cyber security experts feel that Windows Phone does so without any issues.

Kaspersky did shed some light as to why iOS and Android received negative reviews from cyber security experts and users alike. He warns people to be cautious of iOS because criminals are more desperate to attack Apple systems and there are “many, many vulnerabilities” that those revealed right now. In the same flow, he also said that Android is open to “millions of brutal attacks” and is, quite frankly, “not safe.”

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