Get ready for the One Plus 2 virtual reality launch today

OnePlus 2 to launch on July 27 at 7 Pacific Time (7.30 am IST); you can now register for the invite

Finally, all the suspense and hype created around the new OnePlus 2 will come an end by tonight. With the launch of OnePlus 2 smartphone is in just less than 24 hours, the company has already started the registration process for the invites. The OnePlus 2 launch is scheduled to tale place on July 27 at 7.oo pm Pacific Time, which is around 7.30 am on Tuesday IST.

Considering the importance, India holds in OnePlus’s scheme of things, OnePlus 2 will also be launched at a special event in New Delhi.

So how can a user view the OnePlus 2 launch taking place via a ‘virtual reality’ event? For beginners, you need to download the OnePlus 2 launch VR app from the Google Play store. Click here for the link.

You will either need a Google Cardboard or the OnePlus Cardboard to view the event in virtual reality via the app. Also ensure that the cardboard headset fits the smartphone you have.

For those who don’t have a VR device, OnePlus says in their forum, “But if you simply find yourself Cardboard-less on July 27th, don’t despair! We’ve also built a Cardboard-free 360 experience, right into our launch app. It won’t be as immersive, but it will still be interactive and amazing.” That means there would be a VR-free version of the OnePlus launch as well.

The OnePlus 2 will be available via invites only and these are all already live. In a blog post, OnePlus said, “Our early and most fervent supporters will be prioritized, those of you who have helped us spread the word and grow OnePlus from an unknown company to where we are today. Specifically, I’m talking about phone smashers, early forum members, early purchasers and the most active OnePlus One invite evangelists. We want to show you our gratitude by offering you some of the first invites to purchase the OnePlus 2.”

In order to hold, an invite user needs to join a reservation list and if someone else bows out, then they can get a chance to purchase the phone. The company says that OnePlus 2 invites will be valid only for 24 hours, after which the invite would expire.

Those who do not get the invites by OnePlus in the first rollout can still get one by taking part in promotions and social media contests.

The users can submit their email IDs on the website setup by the company, which it would use to send an invite to these users as and when the handset becomes available. This website already has over 1 million+  people who have registered on it.

The company says that the first batch of invites will start rolling out “shortly after the launch (or maybe even during).” It also added that it may take up to three weeks for the units to get delivered from the time it has been ordered.

Additional invites would be given to buyers of OnePlus so that they can give it to their friends; however, initially the number of such shareable invites would be less.

Carl Pei, founder of OnePlus in an earlier post had said that the company has 30-50 times more inventory of the forthcoming smartphone in comparison to the original model.

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