Top 10 Graphic Design Software for increasing your productivity

The best free graphic design software for improving your business and boosting your creativity

In this competitive world uniqueness is the key which can help you to set your product and ideas apart from rest of the crowd. Presentation plays an important role in this aspect and eventually graphic design software is an important tool. By using the right graphic designing software one can get the required exclusive graphic designs, content and layouts that can highlight the uniqueness of their product as well as draw the required attention.

With millions of advertisements in magazines, newspapers, television and even internet, it is essential that an appropriate software is used to produce the right designing which needs to be simpler as well as unique to achieve the appropriate results. When an entrepreneur starts a new business it is essential to reach the appropriate crowd with the apt design; however it is also essential to keep a check on the expenditure and hence it might not be possible for everyone to go for the most expensive graphic design software. Thankfully, we have a whole lot of free graphic design software available to get the young entrepreneurs started.


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is entirely built on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (indicating it runs on Web browser) and it does not require any server side processing. SVG is a graphic format and the shapes are detailed in XML which is further delivered by a SVG viewer. All the current web browsers can display SVG formats just as they can display JPG, GIF, PNG.

SVG is an open source hence by using the SVG-Edit a person can create, edit the documents and further also download and modify the code as per the individual requirement of a person. If you are looking out for two dimensional vector graphics then SVG is the apt answer. For 3 dimensional requirement one need to check the X3D. In case if someone is looking for SVG output or edit an existing SVG file then either they can opt for Adobe Illustrator or get the help from online editors as well.

SVG-Edit can be downloaded from here.


Inkscape is professional quality vector graphics editor that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is a free and open source editor used by design professionals and creative people worldwide, for creating a wide variety of graphics such as illustrations, icons, logos, diagrams, maps and web graphics.

Inkscape is a great option for entrepreneurs who cannot afford to move to Illustrator. Inkscape has been integrated with SVG which provides advanced features to the editor. With Inkscape, graphics can be re sized without compromising on the quality of the image.

Inkscape can be downloaded from here.

DrawPlus Starter Edition from Serif:

DrawPlus, a two dimensional vector graphic editor runs on Windows. This software has been developed by a UK software company known as Serif. DrawPlus provides tools for vector drawing and for designing, editing as well as creation. Though the app seems to be very simple, however it offers a wide range of tools that is somewhat similar to the Illustrator and much more approachable. Again this is a free graphic design software that has been designed to be intuitive in use and opted even by professionals.

With DrawPlus one can make an object 3D by extrusion, apply a wide range of 3D styles, draw one’s own slanted profile which can be instantly applied to your object. Further, the software also provides a wide variety of brushes and pre defined templates which is capable of vector editing.

DrawPlus Starter Edition can be downloaded from here.

Google Developers: 

Web application developers can use the Google chart tools to create a variety of interactive charts from various data, received from browsers as well as smartphone devices. These charts can then be inserted into a webpage as per the requirement of the user who want to display live data on their site. The Google chart tools are powerful, free and very simple to use besides it is also user friendly.

The tool has a provision of adding a variety of graphs and charts into a spreadsheet including map charts, bar and lines. Further user can even save the chart as an image and insert it into any document or simply use it in some of their powerpoint presentations.

Google Developers can be downloaded from here. 

A free graphic design software, provides templates for its users to get started and create infographics. Since the software is still in early stages of development, users might have to face some minor imperfections, however the program can be used with much ease and this is the utmost key point of the software. provides a variety templates which is already developed and users just need to pick their theme and objects and just drop in some text and within a short duration an impressive infographics is ready which has some professional look as well. The software also provides a variety of color coordinated themes, which is really worth trying as it is totally free of cost. can be downloaded from here. is a free online service which provides a variety of charts, graphs and maps to its users. It offers almost 30 templates of interactive chart types from which users need to select whichever template they wish to. Users can then put up their data and visualize it in real time. Users can even share this data through their blog post and website.

Further it also allows uploading pictures and videos in the infographics. The online service is much user-friendly and users can easily create an infographic as per their requirement by dragging and dropping the required data in an intrinsic spread sheet engine which can be ingrained in a webpage or directly shared as a link or an image. can be downloaded from here.

If you are looking for some customized inforgraphic report then would be the right answer. is a sort of social network specially designed for infographics and visualization sharing of information. With this software users can not only create but also share their infographics via social media platforms.

Users can rearrange the data in the infographics created by this software moreover the data is very much interactive which is an added benefit. is has an easy UI and it is much flexible when compared to Illustrator, Photoshop or Tableau. has also introduced the Google Analytical report wherein users can get a customized infographic information regarding the performance of their website directly in their inbox on regular interval as per their requirement. can be downloaded from this here.

Daz Studio:

For anyone looking out to build professional quality 3D scenes, Daz Studio is the apt software which renders high resolution animations and stills. Daz Studio offers 3D morphing, posing tools which allows users to render amazing digital animations and illustrations. The tool further also provides GPU accelerated real time rendering and realistic results. Hence if users are looking out for designing unique animations and artwork by using virtual accessories, environment etc then this is would be the apt tool for them. Users just need to select the right subject, rearrange the accessories and the light setting and thus channelize their creation to get an unique artwork.

The free tool can be used to produce specific illustrations for graphic novels, comics, books, as well as create graphic design elements and much more. The tool also offers interactive tutorials for any one who want to become a proficient 3D artist.

Daz Studio can be downloaded from here.


Blender is a free and open source 3D graphic software which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Users can use Blender to create visual effects, animated films, 3D print models, art, video games and even interactive 3D applications.

Blender offers various features such as  Photorealistic rendering, Fast Modelling, Realistic materials, Fast Rigging, Animation toolset, Sculpting, Fast UV unwrapping, Full compositor, Amazing simulations, Game creation, Camera and object tracking, Library of extensions, Video editing, File formatting and Flexible Interface.

Blender can be downloaded from here.


This software is useful for the beginners who want to start off their journey into digital sculpting. For the professionals, Pixologic offers ZBrush. Sculptris is an ordinary and creative modelling application developed by Pixologic. It is almost a decade that Pixologic introduced its ZBrush which is an award winning software, Pixologic has thus established itself for being an innovator in the world of digital art.

Users can save Sculptris software as a native culture file and use it for editing as per their requirement. The working of this software is more or less similar to the Dynamic Topology of Blender and it further also allows users to create in-depth details without any further need of subdividing the entire model. If users want to import this into additional programs then they just need to export it as ZBrush or a Wavefront file. Thus, if users want to focus on their creativity then this software is a must on the user’s system.

Sculptris can be downloaded from here.

Readers can let us know if they have used any of the above software and give their opinion regarding the same in the comments section. If readers have been using any other free graphic design software and want to share the information with other readers then please feel free to do so.


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