Saygus V SQUARED smartphone to have a humongous 464GB storage facility

Saygus claims that they have developed a smartphone that can store up to 464GB of memory option without any difficulty.

Here is announcing the V SQUARED, a water-proof smartphone that doesn’t “play dumb with the bare minimum tech.” It features a 21-megapixel optical image stabilized camera that can record 4K videos. There is an adequate 13-megapixel selfie camera on the front side, which can record at minimum 2K videos as well.

Saygus V SQUARED has 64GB of storage standby on the storage front. Further, there are two microSD card slots that would give up 200GB of extra storage space each, which makes it over 400GB in total. The latest PlayStation and XBox consoles come with 500GB memory and their designs take up a lot of storage space as well. However, in the case of Saygus smartphone it will fit into your pocket very satisfactorily.

For some HD quality sound time, the V SQUARED has Harman/Kardon audio tech inside. According to the video below, the battery capacity is more than enough but no details regarding the accurate capacity was mentioned during the playback.

Well, in the end, there is some bad news and good news. The bad news is that the V SQUARED is right now not available commercially because Saygus are trying to obtain it for $1 million on Indiegogo to start with the mass production of the device. However, the good news is that the goal has been reached with $1,095,873 pledged for the project.

Saygus hopes to release the V SQUARED this fall however it will set you back a cool $650.


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