WhatsApp testing ‘Like’ button like Facebook, along with ‘Mark as Unread’ feature

WhatsApp to get ‘Like’ and ‘Mark as Unread’ features soon

WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging service may start using a few features from its parent company, Facebook. According to new reports on the Internet, the messaging might soon get its own ‘Like’ button similar to Facebook, along with a ‘Mark as Unread’ feature for chats .

A WhatsApp beta tester Ilhan Pektas recently posted on Twitter that the ‘Like’ button for images feature is coming to WhatsApp. The tweet in German said (translated), “Like Button for divided images in WhatsApp.” This points out that the company may allow users to like their friend’s profile picture or could introduce this feature in group chats too. Also, there is no clarity as to how this feature would be put into effect in general conversation.

The other feature, ‘Mark as Unread’, which is currently being tested by WhatsApp will offer users the ability to mark messages as unread. However, at this moment, it is unclear how this would affect the Read receipt blue ticks on the sender’s device or would it only be ‘unseen’ for the receiver.

This new unread feature was first spotted by a Spanish website ADSLZone after it obtained some internal WhatsApp translation document.

WhatsApp to get 'Like' and 'Mark as Unread' features soon

If this turns out to be true, the Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, which is a prominent feature of the social networking platform, will be a brand new addition to the most widely used instant messaging service worldwide. As seen in mail services, the ‘mark as unread’ feature would also come handy similarly.

Back in April, WhatsApp became the most widely used instant messaging app when it crossed 800 million monthly active users. While both the above features sound interesting, it is difficult to say which of these features will make it to the next WhatsApp app update.

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