Xiaomi Launches Smart Shoes with Military Grade Sensors At 199 Yuan and 399 Yuan

Xiaomi, in the past few months, has launched many smart home products like Air purifier and Water Purifier in the market. By launching a bevy of products across categories, Xiaomi wants to rapidly expand its product portfolio, and to do that, it has been rightly tapping into the connected devices segment.

In an official conference today, Li-Ning in partnership with Xiaomi announced its first Smart Shoes. Li-Ning is a very well-known local maker of shoes and other sports equipment for professionals. In fact, the company endorses a number of athletes and teams.

The smart shoes will come equipped with military grade motion sensor chips. The shoes will records your walks and runs using motion and pressure sensors. The data is passed on to the pedometer and calorie counter app on your phone. While looks wise, these shoes look normal, but all the magic happens inside the sole where a module with sensor records and transmits all the data. It connects to the phone via Bluetooth.
The shoes are sweatproof, waterproof, and can even withstand pressure. The company claims that the inbuilt sensor is said to last for more than a year. In other words, it will last almost as much as the life span of the shoes. These shoes are available in a variety of flashy colors.

Although the shoes were built in partnership with Xiaomi, it is called as the Li-Ning Smart shoes. There will be two different models of the shoes, one priced at 199 Yuan ($32/Rs.2000), while the other priced at 399 Yuan ($64/Rs.4000).

Li-Ning Smart shoes, which is more budget-friendly than similar accessories, such as Adidas’ miCoach Speed Cell or the Nike’s iPod-friendly shoes is all set to officially go on sale in China from July 20.